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Chemical peels Nebula | ACTO2

Nebula | ACTO2

Nebula | ACTO2 is a biphasic chemical peel containing trichloroacetic acid (10%) enriched with an innovative and functional mixture of mandelic acid, Vit B12, azelaic acid derivative and perflurocarburi; The synergistic action of the two phases (acidic and oxygenating) determines an instant cell renewal and a significant regeneration of the dermoepidermal layer associated with cellular repair processes, while improving the skin tolerability of the product.
One box includes 5 vials of 6 ml each

Nebula | ACTO2 Orion

Nebula | ACTO2 ORION is a biphasic chemical peeling with an higher concentration of trichloroacetic acid (14%) enriched with a blend of mandelic acid, vitamin B12, azelaic acid derivative and perfluorocarbons; it acts on the entire thickness of the epidermis in order to treat moderate to severe acneic lesions (papules, pustules, nodules and cysts) and consequent deep scarring, promoting a deep exfoliation and an intense cell regeneration.
One box includes 5 vials of 6 ml each


Area of intervention:
-Acne in the acute stage, comedonal form of acne and post-acne
- Skin pigmentation
- Skin imperfections
- Biorevitalisation


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