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Scientific research serving aesthetic medicine

With Supernova scientific progress is completely at the service of personal well-being; with a courageous vision and ever more stimulating objectives, we are projected to become the world’s reference point on the patented medical device market for aesthetic medicine. R&D is the beating heart of Supernova; our internal laboratories formulate innovative and effective products that meet the increasingly complex needs of medical professionals by offering a sound response to the patient’s main problems.
The rigorous studies and scientific tests performed by our team allow us to evaluate the efficacy and biocompatibility of the medical devices, providing only safe products with unquestioned added value.

The value chain of Supernova

We are able to manage the entire medical device production phase: from formulation to production in compliance with the current regulatory standards.

The value chain of Supernova

We are able to manage the entire medical device production phase: from formulation to production in compliance with the current regulatory standards.

Grow Drivers

We create innovative, effective and safe medical devices that meet the real needs of doctors and patients.

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Quality and Security. Guarantee of the highest quality standards

We work every day to guarantee our customers the highest quality standards. All of our production processes comply with the UNI EN ISO 13485 Certification for the Production of Medical Devices and the UNI EN ISO 22716 Certification of Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetic products.

New concept medical peeling

The new era of cell regeneration and biorevitalization without needles, for all skin types and all areas of the face and body. A full line composed of the innovative PATENT PENDING Nebula | ACTO2 biphasic peeling and the post-treatment cream RH VIRGO.



Efficacy studies

The efficacy of Nebula | ACTO2 was tested by means of comparison studies against competitor products which have a higher percent of acids in their formula. The fundamental parameters for chemical peeling were taken into consideration: the keratolytic action of the product, the exfoliating dryness given by the product, any possible side effects and the inflammatory response triggered by the product.

Keratolytic effect

Tests with competitor products highlight the greater exfoliating power of Nebula | ACTO2 when compared to products that have a higher concentration of acids. The diagram shows how the horny layer removed after treatment is up to 12% thinner

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Dryness is a factor that is directly proportional to the keratolytic action of a product. An increase in the dryness therefore indicates a greater exfoliation of the horny layer. Nebula | ACTO2 has proven to increase skin dryness by 10% compared to other products with a higher acid content in the formula.

Side effects

The test considers any common side effects that appear immediately after a treatment with a chemical exfoliator. The results of the test demonstrate that Nebula | ACTO2 , even though it has a higher keratolytic action, can cause side effects similar and in line with those caused by other competitor products.

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Side effects

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The product Nebula | ACTO2 has proved to significantly reduce IL-1 at tested concentrations of 1.0 and 0.5 mg/ml (reducing of 14.4% and 13.7%, respectively, with respect to untreated cells).

competitor 1

The competitor product, at tested concentrations, doesen’t significantly reduce the IL-1 levels.


Interleukin-1α (IL-1α) is constituently produced in large quantities by keratinocytes: under normal conditions it is stored inside the keratinocytes, but it can be released in the case of damage or in the presence of different types of stimuli. The main role of IL-1α is to maintain the skin’s barrier functions by preventing pathogenic microorganisms from entering the body, so if it is released this indicates that there is an important inflammatory response. Comparison tests against a competitive product show that Nebula | ACTO2 can significantly reduce the production of IL-1α by more than 15%, providing a soothing effect.

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